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We Help People 60+, In Greenville, South Carolina,  Maximize Their Independence And Fitness So They Can Continue To Enjoy A Full And Active Life.

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What are others saying about Dedicated Therapy

“The main thing I think we received from Dedicated Therapy, is hope, encouragement, understanding, those type of things. And watching Gregg get better. Watching things improve in his situation that I hadn't seen before. And just being confident in what was being done here"

 Gregg and Joy- Stroke survivor and wife

Simpsonville, SC

Stroke survivor


"I wanted to be self sufficient, and I wanted to play golf again. To accomplish this I wanted to work with people who were encouraging, compassionate  and knew what to do To get me where I wanted to be , and doing the things I wanted to do. ...My experience guided me in signing on with Dedicated Therapy. I was confident they could help me reach my goals and enable me to go to the next level. Within a week I was working with Shannon and the staff at Dedicated Therapy. I was not disappointed. Very quickly I realized I had made a good decision.... My flexibility, strength and balance all improved at a steady pace. I improved to the point I was self sufficient once again. Also, I began going to the driving range and hitting golf balls , putting, chipping, etc.. My game is a little rusty and I am having to make adjustments , but I am confident I will be back playing golf when warmer weather arrives. The time I spent with Dedicated Therapy was very productive time. My doctors have been very, very impressed  with my recovery from the stroke, and my family and friends are so thankful and grateful to see me back to who I was prior to the stroke. I will always be grateful to the staff at Dedicated Therapy for the part they played in my overall recovery. Based on my personal experience, I can highly recommend the services provided by Shannon and the very professional staff at Dedicated Therapy.

Harold C- Stroke Survivor, Easley, SC


IMG_7478 2.jpeg

“At Dedicated Therapy, I have found a group of caring people who have done this work for years but aren't burned out and seem genuinely glad to see me, and this truly valuable to me.  With them, I have found hope that I can keep doing more rather than lose traction and pick up a year later in therapy.  I have found someone who will carry on therapy and help me to find a path to carry on with what I've learned."

David, Stroke Survivor

Greenville SC

Maddy, early 70s- Greenville

"Participating in the exercises here has been truly a  great and rewarding experience for me... they intentionally customize the workouts to fit individual needs. I am already feeling stronger with more flexibility and overall energized. I am always looking forward for my next workout in such a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere!"

 MIke  and John  (TBI Survivor and Care Partner)

“...No more searching for the right person to help improve my function”


Jim, -89 years old, Clemson, SC
"I am Jim Fanning and have been associated with Dedicated Therapy since April 2020. During this time I have been able to continually improve my physical condition through the use of several weekly virtual scheduled meetings.  ...I am 89 years old and  diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  ...

through the program, I have learned how to get up easily from a chair. If the Dedicated Therapy program were not available I would have to use routines from [another Parkinon's Exercise program] which are truly boring and very intense.

The Dedicated Therapy program is definitely worth the money. I can definitely recommend it.


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