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Stroke recovery expert
Why Dedicated Started

In 2016, I left 18 year career of working for large corporate healthcare organizations to start a rehab business that could focus on each patient in a more complete way. 

I tried to work within the U.S. medical  system  as a Physical Therapist specializing in helping Stroke Survivors.  I even did extensive stroke specific training - over 400 hours! But, I still felt sooooo frustrated with all the missing pieces for the Stroke Survivors I worked with. I was tired of the traditional “one and done” therapy models. The policy of providing one plan of care for a Stroke Survivor and sending them on their way; without a way to continue to support the gains made in therapy.

Improvement can occur over the course of years, and I was having to let folks go after months.  And, they were not encouraged to come back for more!  Support between bouts  was absent.    I finally got to a point where the frustration got to me!  To paraphrase a quote I once heard…”the pain of the same was greater than the pain of change”.  So I decided to change how I was doing things. 

So now I can provide help to Stroke Survivor clients as they want me to. They no longer have to feel frustrated, let down, discouraged and worried.  I can work with clients to create and deliver services that make them feel confident, supported and hopeful.  I am able to take all my training and imagination and provide individualized care for the Stroke Survivors I serve. 

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