We help adults in the Upstate become more active and independent. 

Even if you have a chronic condition health condition or a neurological diagnosis like Stroke, Brain Injury.

Improvement is possible!

People Who We Help Include...

Active Grandparents and Retirees

who want to ensure they can stay as active as they want to be able to enjoy their grand kids and travel plans

Concerned Loved Ones

who can see that their loved ones are losing independence, but aren't sure what can be done to help.


Survivors of Stroke and Brain Injury

Who want to continue the process of improvement, but feel stuck and unsupported by the therapy they have had in the past. 


People living with Parkinson's Disease

who want to do all they can to help combat the physical symptoms of their disease to slow decline.

Want Some Help To Decide if Physical Therapy Is Right For You?

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Why Dedicated Therapy Started

Shannon Cobb is the Greenville, South Carolina area’s specialist physical therapist who helps people with neurologic conditions more active and independent. 

She founded Dedicated Therapy after working for years in clinics specializing in physical therapy for balance/falls/dizziness and stroke and brain injury.  What she found was that while these places offered bouts of specialized care, there was a  need beyond typical bouts of physical therapy.  People with neurologic conditions needed support after discharge from therapy.  She felt this was important to ensure that gains made in therapy were not lost, and because, for people with neurologic diagnoses, like stroke and brain injury, recovery can occur over longer periods of time.  People need expert guidance in exercise and activity to promote that longer term recovery.  So, she created Dedicated Therapy to provide more expert options for continued exercise and improvement.  She wanted to create a practice that employs therapists who are dedicated to the potential for recovery and improvement that exists for all people, including stroke and brain injury survivors. A practice that understands that recovery can occur over periods of time and during multiple episodes of therapy.  In her mission to create this practice she discovered that people with Parkinson’s need services beyond standard physical therapy.  So Dedicated Therapy has a variety of services not offered at typical therapy clinics to benefit people living with stroke, brain injury and Parkinson’s and all people experiencing difficulty with their mobility and independence.  


Shannon  graduated with a Masters degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Miami. 


SHE  is Neuro-IFRAH® Certified and Advanced Train with over 300 hours of training in Stroke and Brain Injury specific treatment.  She is also a PWR! Certified therapist for the treatment of people with Parkinson’s Disease. 

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