Are you or someone you love trying to choose the right therapist for Brain Injury recovery?

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Free Report:  How to find the Right Physical Therapist for Brain Injury.  5 tips to guide you in making this choice
A personal message from Specialist Physical Therapist,  Shannon Cobb

Shannon Cobb

Specialist Physical Therapist

A personal message from Specialist Physical Therapist,  Shannon Cobb

Shannon Cobb

Specialist Physical Therapist

Hi, my name is Shannon Cobb and welcome to Dedicated Therapy.


Are you wondering how to know who is the best person to help your loved one recover from their Brain Injury.  Do you feel like you don't have enough information to make the right decision.  Are you considering advice from people who are familiar with Brain Injury Recovery?

In the next few minutes you are going to discover how Survivors of Brain Injury can receive the care they need in their journey of recovery.  

You may have been overwhelmed with information about Brain Injury and what your loved one is going through (and will go through), only to have to make a crucial decision of the path of recovery when you do not feel prepared.  


We've put together a Free Report showing you 5 Things to  consider when choosing who will help your loved one in their recover. Inside you'll find…

  • What type of facility to look for

  • What questions you can ask front desk staff

  • What questions to ask the therapist that is assigned to your case. 


Just enter your first name, your email address and click the “Yes! I Want The Free Report” button below and you'll instantly receive the Free Report by email.


You'll receive all the information that shows what you should know to help your loved one continue to improve. 


Because people of all ages can experience Brain Injury, I help people of all ages improve their movement and function. What I can tell you is that many therapy treatments they have received have focused on compensation, and compensation does not move a person toward more normal movement and function.
Why? Because that type of therapy focuses on what remains after the Brain Injury.  A focus on this does not promote return of what is missing.  If you want your loved one to have improvement in the areas that are missing movement and function, then this Free Report is for you. 

I know so many people who have just gone to the therapist that a doctor or hospital referred them to, WITHOUT ASKING ANY QUESTIONS!  Asking these questions can help guide you to treatment by the most expert person at any facility that you chose.
If you are trying to find the best person in your area to help your loved one, then you need to take a few minutes to read this Free Report.


This Free Report is NOT for you if you feel that “all therapists are the same”, or you don't want to ask a few simple questions to guide your loved one's treatment. 
What will your loved ones recovery look like if they don't get care from the most qualified therapist?


So go ahead... enter your first name, your email address and click “Yes! I Want My Free Report” button to instantly receive the Free Report by email.


There’s not catch…I’m doing this because I know that improvement is possible and it occurs best when guided by an expert. All you have to do is enter your information and I’ll send it to you immediately.


Wishing You The Best,

Shannon Cobb, Physical Therapist/Owner Dedicated Therapy

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