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Our Neuro Exercise Classes are Perfect for...


Active People Fighting Parkinson's Symptoms

Who want to stay mobile and able to enjoy life for as long as possible.


Practical People Who Value Their Time

Who want to do exercises that will specifically help them manage Parkinson's symptoms.

Apprehensive Folks Recently Diagnosed Or Living With Parkinson's For Years 

Who want an expert to support them in the journey with Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson's Wellness Recovery!

Research suggests that what you do is important. That is why we implement the Parkinson's Wellness Recovery concepts in our class.  This class is designed to target and improve issues that people living with Parkinson's experience. Research indicates that "Exercise is Medicine" in decreasing symptoms and slowing physical decline. In this Physical Therapist designed class you will work on helping you make Bigger, Faster, More Coordinated movements to help you live as with the least interference of your motor symptoms in your life. 

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