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  • Are you in a community Parkinson's Exercise class, but still feel your symptoms are getting worse? 
  • Have you had a stroke and want to keep getting stronger, but are intimated by big gyms? 
  • Do you have a neurological diagnosis and have been discharged from Physical Therapy, but still want to work to improve?

What makes us different than a trainer you would find in other local gyms?

  • In addition to a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science, our Personal Trainers all have specialty training and coordination with our Physical Therapists. That helps ensure that your programs are guided by experts in neurological improvement.

  • Training programs are designed by a Personal Trainer/Physical Therapist team, and delivered by our Trainers. That way we can deliver programs that are individualized to you and your specific condition.  Our Neuro Personal Trainers will also work with your current therapist to help with follow through on those program. 

Ready to start training now?
Choose which one is best for you

If you're not quite ready to book an appointment yet, you might have some questions that you would like answered first. Shannon would be happy to chat with you so she can be 100% sure that she can help you... just click the button above to request to speak with Shannon on the phone!

We understand that some people want to find out a little more about the cost & availability of physical therapy before booking an appointment. If you want to know about our availability, then please just click the button above and complete the simple form.

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