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  • Shannon Cobb

4 Things Your Knee Pain Has You Missing Out On This Fall

There are so many great ways to enjoy the Upstate this time of year. We are getting back to fall festivals, college football, the theatre and enjoying the beginning of the change of leaves. For seniors who are suffering with knee pain, these things may be off limits. The prolonged walking and the different surfaces/inclines/stairs can cause folks to just plain miss out on some of the wonderful things that we have available to us here. For example your knee pain could be keeping you from :

Fall For Greenville: It came back and the weather was great. Tasty food and good music and time spent with friends all in wonderful, ever changing downtown Greenville

College Football Games: No matter who you pull for, now is the time folks like to get together for tailgates to rally and enjoy company for rooting for your favorite teams. If you are going to the stadium, parking can be far from the actual event or tailgate. And, generally around here you need to be ready to walk some hills, climb some steps, and navigate in crowds.

Grandkids Sporting Events (band, cheer, youth soccer): What a joy it is to go watch the kids in your family participate in their chosen activities. It might be a under 7 soccer game, a band competition, or a high school football game. Being able to confidently climb up and down stadium steps and navigate to your seat ensures you can get there to support the children you love.

Broadway is back at the Peace Center and people are excited to get in and see all that Broadway can bring to Greenville- it’s been too long!

Suffering with knee pain, clicking and locking or swelling can get in the way of enjoying all that there is to offer in our area. In the next blog, we will be sharing what you can do if you find your knee “misbehaving” so you can get out there. If you are looking for some information now,

click here for simple tips to help ease your knee pain.

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