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5 signs your dizziness could be GONE today

A few weeks ago I had a man (let’s call him Doug) come to see me after suffering a fall at home from his chronic dizziness. Due to his dizziness this man was unable to walk around his house by himself and was scared to be alone. He had seen countless doctors and underwent several tests none of which explained his symptoms. After speaking with Doug for only 5 minutes I had a hunch I was looking at a man suffering from Positional Vertigo. The medical name for this is BPPV.

I treated him in one 30 minute session and two days later he reported ZERO dizziness. Two weeks later he continued to report ZERO dizziness and was able to go home independently with no more restrictions or fears because of his dizziness.

Vertigo and Dizziness affect 20-56% of the general public and make up 23% of emergency department consultations.* Vertigo is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. The true definition of “vertigo” is spinning whether you feel like the room is spinning around you or you yourself are spinning. This should be differentiated from a “lightheaded” sensation often clumped in with the complaint of dizziness. Causes of dizziness can span from life threatening and/or lead to falls and further injuries which is why it shouldn’t be ignored. Because of the variety of descriptions used by patients and a multitude of possible causes, “dizziness” can quickly become a frustrating situation for both you and your provider.

“5 signs your dizziness could be GONE today”

  1. Your dizziness comes on when getting in and out of bed

Do you lay down at night and feel like the world spins around you or you might fall off the bed? Do you sit up in the morning and get hit by your vertigo symptoms?

  1. Your dizziness comes on suddenly and lasts less than 30 seconds

Do your symptoms seem to come out of nowhere, hard and fast but last only a short time?

  1. You describe your dizziness as “the room spinning”

This is different from a lightheaded, floating or standing on a boat type of feeling. This is the feeling of your bed tipping over and you rolling on the floor or the world spinning around you.

  1. You’ve been experiencing these symptoms for less than 6 months

The longer you’ve been dealing with these symptoms the more likely there is more involved than just positional vertigo. Often there are multiple causes at play once the problem becomes chronic

  1. You haven’t seen a Physical Therapist yet

  2. If you haven’t had a healthcare provider test your vision, balance and responses to positional changes including laying down, turning your head and possibly rolling over you have not received a comprehensive assessment and could be missing out on a simple fix!

If you relate to one or more of the above signs it is likely you are suffering from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, or BPPV, just like Doug and can benefit from seeing a Physical Therapist. It’s important to have a skilled medical provider who can take the time to see you one on one to weed out all of the possible causes to get to the root cause as quickly as possible. If you don’t want to keep on suffering with your dizziness click here and we will schedule a time to speak with you about your concerns. Do not simply accept your dizziness as a way of life!

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