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  • Shannon Cobb

Can Anything Be Done About Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a problem with the nerves in your extremities. It causes symptoms in the hands and feet/legs such as tingling, pain, weakness, numbness, coordination problems and falls. Neuropathy can be caused by many things including trauma, exposure to toxins and diabetes. That means that there are lots of folks living with this problem. The National Institute of Health estimates that there are approximately 20 million people living with neuropathy.

For treatment the neuropathy specifically and the symptoms a person should make a plan with a physician. However, lots of folks feel like there is little they can do for themselves to address issues that they have from neuropathy. But, that is not the case!

Often, people have limitation in function and independence that can improve with a thorough exam by a Physical Therapist.

While a PT cannot change your neuropathy, we can help improve your coordination and address contributing factors that may be causing you to have balance problems.

We have talked about the fact that there are several contributing factors to having “good balance” (check out our blog post on the Balance systems Click Here).

So, if your neuropathy is impairing one of those systems (proprioception) you can work to improve the other systems. And, understanding where you may have strength deficits that are negatively affecting your balance can help you develop a plan to effectively increase your strength. Also, learning some tips and tricks to compensate for your neuropathy can help make day to day life easier.

You can learn how to address all these issues by have a comprehensive assessment by a Physical Therapist. If you are interested in a phone consultation with one of our therapists to learn how we can help you live better with your neuropathy, just give a call 864-203-3883 and we will set up a 20 minute phone call with one of our therapists.

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