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Exercise Your Eyes and Improve Your Balance

Did you know that when you are having "dizziness' you may be having problems with how your brain is processing information from your vision? There are a variety of reasons that this can occur. We see it frequently in the older adults that we work with and in those who have chronic neurological conditions

In both of these situations, a specific assessment by a specialist Physical Therapist can determine exactly what the issue is related to your vision and your balance. Through specific testing, therapists at Dedicated Therapy can determine what exercises you can do to help improve your ability to change your visual targets while you are moving around so you can feel more confident. Very simple exercise programs for eye and head movements can help you "strengthen" the coordination of your vision system with the rest of your balance systems.

Do you find that you are looking at the ground the majority of the time when you are walking? Do you have difficulty keeping pace while searching the shelves in the grocery store? Do you have trouble closing your eye to rinse your hair in the shower without holding on? All these are signs that you are having trouble with one of your balance systems. Give use a call 864-203-3883 for a FREE 30 minute Session to discuss your balance problems with one of our Specialist Physical Therapists.

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