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  • Shannon Cobb

Healthy Aging and a Pickle Jar

What does a pickle jar have to do with aging in a healthy way?

Well, grip strength has been shown to be a marker for all kinds of health related issues. Some examples are: future function, bone mineral density, fractures, cognition and depression, and problems associated with hospitalization. Yes a simple problem like opening a jar can tell you if you might be more at risk for falls, fracture and problems with thinking.

We know that lots of folks we work with have trouble opening jars (and other packaging).

We know that, as we age, we naturally lose strength. We can lose as much as 50-70% of strength between the age of 30 and 70. And if we do nothing to combat this, we start to see signs in our daily lives. Signs like difficulty getting up out of seats or opening jars. What is important to know is that there are simple things that you can start to do now to help avoid having difficulty with these small things.

And, grip strength is something that we routinely measure. It is a simple, quick test that gives us lots of information about where a person stands in terms of not only strength, but also as a general indicator of future health.

At Dedicated Therapy, we choose this test, among others to determine which activities that our clients need to be doing. If you are wondering where you fall with your strength, and other indicators of healthy aging, you can give us a call at 864-203-3883 to reserve a free Independence session. During this screen, one of our physical therapists will choose some simple screening tests to let you know what you can be doing to ensure your healthy aging.

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