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  • Shannon Cobb

How Strong Are You?

I told you in the last installment that there are some simple tests you can do yourself to see if you need to work on strength or balance. These are basic testing that I do with folks who ask me about this. These tests help determine where I need further test to figure out how to help people improve their mobility.

Test 1- sitting to standing from a standard chair without using your hands. This is a timed test and there are studied values for the time it should take you based on your age.

Test 2- Standing on one foot- Many times people will tell me that they could never do this or that it is something they don’t need to do. However, we stand on one foot for at least a period of time to climb steps- the bigger/longer the step, the longer you are on one foot. Also, there are many times we use one leg to push or pull something (think kick the car door shut when your hands are full, pull a chair toward you when hands are full, push open a public bathroom door when you don’t want to touch it with your hands). When you are using one leg to maneuver something, you have to be standing on the other. There are timed values based on age to determine if you are in a “normal range”.

Test 3- Getting to the floor and back up- This is a wonderful functional test. There are a few different things that I look at when I have someone do this task. Based on how it is performed, I can suggest exercise and Physical Therapy interventions that can help improve this. Many people stop getting down to the floor frequently. This can cause a problem when a “must get down to the floor situation arises” (Think new grandchild, phone falls to floor and slides under a the sofa, pulling out the Christmas ornaments from under the bed).

After talking with someone about their problems and concerns and having them perform a few tasks, I can determine further testing to refine a program that can help improve strength and balance so that a person can ease their concerns and do the things they love. If these sound like things that you would have trouble with, Physical Therapy is right for you. If you would like to talk with me about your concerns about your balance and strength, just click here to schedule a free Taster Session. In this totally free, no obligation visit, you get to meet with me one on one and talk about your problems and concerns. After that, I can let you know how I think I can help you.

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