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  • Shannon Cobb

The 1 Thing You Can Do to Limit Physical Disability and Frailty As You Age

Did you know that there is a simple test that can be done to indicate where you stand in terms of likelihood of Physical Disability, Dependence and Frailty as you age? Did you know that it is something that can be done simply with minimal to no equipment?

The test is called the Floor Transfer Test. Simply stated, it is a measure of how difficult It is for you to get up off the floor. In general, the more body parts you have to rely on to get up, the lower your score.

This is a very functional test. We are required to get off the floor quite frequently. However, we know that many people begin to avoid this activity as they age. It may be due to a variety of reasons: uncomfortable joints, episodes of dizziness, arrangement of their daily life to minimize the need for the activity. However, this simple test is a good indication of strength and flexibility needed to stay functional and independent as a person ages. In cultures that frequently get down to the floor for religious or cultural reasons, there is less frequency of hip fracture. Simply getting down to the floor on a regular basis maintains the flexibility and strength needed to avoid a fall and hip fracture.

If you are a person who is reading this and thinking that getting to and from the floor is too difficult, not for you, or is very scary, then you may want to come here Tori this Thursday, August 5th from 2-3pm. She is going to be giving a “Falls Self Defense Workshop”. In this talk, she will talk about all of the reasons folks experience falls, how you can prepare yourself for when it happens, and what you can do to prepare yourself to get up when it does happen.

If you are interested, call 864-203-3883 today because there are only 2 seats left.

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