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  • Shannon Cobb

Want To Know A Key To Maintain Brain Health? (Or- How To Fill Your Leaky Bucket)

All of our clients are interested in having a health brain. Whether they are here because they have a specific problem in their brain, like Stroke or Parkinson’s Disease. Or, they may be an active person over age 65 who wants to maintain their lifestyle for years to come. Everyone we work with wants to know what they can do to maximize their brain health and to build some “insurance” for a healthy brain in the future.

While there are a variety of things that have been found to be very beneficial for brain health- a plant based diet, appropriate sleep hygiene, socialization - a great thing that you can do for yourself is to build “Resilience”.

Resilience just means that you build a reserve of physical and mental capacity to be able to withstand whatever comes your way. For all of us, as we age, we begin to “leak” resiliency from our bucket. The natural process of losing muscle fibers for those activities like getting up from the floor or a low seat is occurring. If you begin to be less active in retirement, your endurance could be waning. If you start to keep erratic sleep patterns, you may not be getting restful sleep. If we let it leak enough, when that event comes that depletes our reserve, there may not be enough for us to bounce back. A classic example of this is a fall and broken hip. We have lots of folks who work with us who are able to come back from an event like this and become stronger. But, you may know of people who that fall was the beginning of a decline you would not want to experience.

What can you do to help build resilience? There is a new book out by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age. One thing he points out, that we agree with, is that increasing and varying your physical activity is an important key to building resilience. So, that means not just waking your neighborhood each day the same way. You need to vary the surfaces that you are walking on, vary the inclines/declines, speed. And, you should be doing something active to build your strength, in order to combat that natural decline in strength that occurs.

At Dedicated Therapy, we have a variety of programs to address those areas of challenge that improve Brain Health. Our fitness group classes and personal training address Strength, endurance, balance reactions, thinking skills and coordination- and combining all of these. By adding these aspects into all of our programs, we are addressing the aspects for all of our wellness clients, we are helping folks to build resilient brains. If you want to Free 20 minute screen to see which of our programs will challenge you to build your resilience, just email

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