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  • Shannon Cobb

What Is The ONE Thing That Can Help Poor Balance And Trouble With Day To Day Activities?

I have talked to you previously about the 3 Balance Systems and some simple tests you can do to check your strength and balance. I often work with people who have multiple things they are concerned about- poor balance, afraid of falling, difficulty with day to day things like climbing stairs and lifting/carrying laundry. So in an assessment I test those 3 balance systems and take a specific look at strength. Because the ONE thing that will help both of those issues is increasing strength. But, we need to look at increasing strength in different ways.

Declines in strength are related to poor balance reactions. Meaning the weaker you feel the less likely you are to react in time to regain your balance if you lose it. And of course, when you begin to lose strength you may notice difficulty with activities like climbing stairs or lifting a full load of laundry.

So in addition to specific program to address any deficits in those 3 balance systems, it is important that those people I work with also have a plan for maintaining or improving strength. So I develop a comprehensive program that includes specific strength exercises to increase muscle strength and muscle power. What is power? That is the kind of strength that helps you maximize your bodies ability to recover your balance when it is lost. If you have questions about how problems with strength and balance may be limiting your life- or putting you at risk for losing your independence- just click this link to schedule a call to talk with a Physical Therapist about your specific concerns.

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