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"We Help Survivors Of Stroke/Brain Injury and People With Parkinson's And Become More Mobile, Confident And Independent For A Better Quality Of Life"

People Who We Help Include...


People Living with Stroke/Brain Injury and Parkinson's Disease

who want to feel better but don't know where to start

Older Adults Living Alone

who are afraid of a fall or injury taking away their independence. 

Active Grandparents and Retirees

who want to ensure they can stay as active as they want to be able to enjoy their grand kids and travel plans.

What are others saying about Dedicated Therapy

The results we have seen with Dedicated Therapy are “...consistent progress focussing on key elements that integrate my recovery for the longer term…. No more searching for the right person to help improve my function”

MIke  and John  (TBI Survivor and Care Partner), Greenville, SC

“I think the best thing we received from you was your extensive knowledge and expertise in the neuro therapy field.  YOur ability to relate to the patient and your listening skills are wonderful. Your seriousness about your craft and your kindness to the patient and family are deeply appreciated.”

“My husband’s walking ability changed once we started with Shannon.  It is a much more normal gait now.”

Ginny- Wife of Stroke Survivor, Greenville, SC

"Participating in the exercises here has been truly a  great and rewarding experience for me... they intentionally customize the workouts to fit individual needs. I am already feeling stronger with more flexibility and overall energized. I am always looking forward for my next workout in such a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere!"

Maddy, early 70s- Greenville

Want Some Help To Decide if Dedicated Therapy Is Right For You?

If you're not quite ready to book an appointment yet, you might have some questions that you would like answered first. Shannon would be happy to chat with you so she can be 100% sure that she can help you... just click the button above to request to speak with Shannon on the phone!

We understand that some people want to find out a little more about the cost & availability of physical therapy before booking an appointment. If you want to know about our availability, then please just click the button above and complete the simple form.

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