Do You Live In An Area That Doesn't Have Any Specialized Exercise For Parkinson's Disease
Would You Like To Have A Parkinson's Expert Guide You Through Brain Changing Exercise?
Would You Like To Have A "Parkinson's Coach" On You Team?
To help People with Parkinson's who don't have access to specialized programs, we have created Thrive: Parkinson's Online Support Community.   We want to help people stay mobile, confident and independent.

We understand that some people want to find out a little more about the cost & details of the program before you joint. If you want to learn more, then please just click the button above and complete the simple form.

Class Descriptions

Push It: 

 This is a dynamic class instructed by a Parkinson's Exercise Expert.  This class has a moderate to high level of challenge.   It is appropriate for those that do not need a walker or cane to get around.  It is also recommended that you not have a recent history of falls and that you are able to efficiently able to get down to the floor. 


Get Moving:

A slower paced class designed to challenge people with Parkinson's Disease.  Designed and instructed by a Physical Therapist, this class is appropriate for all people with Parkinson's disease.  There is an emphasis on flexibility, amplitude of movement, coordination, balance and cognition. 


Helping the Parkinson's population has become Leslie's life's work and passion. People with Parkinson's can have many difficulties in life, but I have noted with retraining of the brain and focusing on coordination, flexibility, strength and dual tasking that People with PD can improve their fluidity of movement and decrease their risk of falls as well as improve their quality of life. I have seen many clients improve after working with someone PD specific like myself to maintain that improve through continued exercise/work. So join me in this venture and let's Fight PD!!
LESLIE WISE DOCTOR of PHYSICAL THERAPY , CERTIFIED IN: PARKINSON'S WELLNESS RECOVERY®, ROCK STEADY BOXING®, Allied Team Training for Parkinson's (ATTP®), Brian Grant Foundation Exercise Instruction

What are people saying

This program has initiated a resource that has allowed me to continue to live my life with independence, quality and hope.  The program has also been one of the BEST INVESTMENTS I have ever made and provided me with the ability to continue to live a quality life.  I am a big advocate for Dedicate Therapy and Leslie Wise who are deeply invested in improving the quality of life for people who are impacted with Parkinson’s and appreciate their dedication to help others.

Steve H- South Carolina

"I am Jim Fanning and have been associated with Dedicated Therapy since April 2020. During this time I have been able to continually improve my physical condition through the use of several weekly virtual scheduled meetings.  ...I am 89 years old and  diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  ...

through the program, I have learned how to get up easily from a chair. If the Dedicated Therapy program were not available I would have to use routines from [another Parkinon's Exercise program] which are truly boring and very intense.

The Dedicated Therapy program is definitely worth the money. I can definitely recommend it.

Jim, -89 years old, Clemson, SC

I am extremely happy with Dedicated Therapy. The staff is welcoming, professional, knowledgeable and
accessible. I love the Thrive Parkinson’s Program offered by Leslie Wise, physical therapist and
Parkinson’s Specialist. In addition to education and support, Leslie offers 4-day a week classes that are
easily accessible via Zoom. Leslie’s classes are interactive, fun and personalized for each participant.
Leslie’s enthusiasm and encouragement is inspiring. I feel fortunate to be a member of the Dedicated
Therapy group and highly recommend Dedicated Therapy if you’re looking for a quality, comprehensive
Parkinson’s program.

Kathleen- South Carolina

From my experience with Leslie I believe she has the knowledge and capability to help me be aware of my body’s potential. I especially like her focus on Parkinson patients.  The online approach is a novel technique that allows Leslie to leverage teaching.  I get the benefit   of having a personal tutor in our family room while avoiding a 30 minute drive to her office. (with this program) I have moved from a cardio focused program to a more balanced strength, mobility cardio approach. I have learned a good deal about each muscle group and how to maximize their potential.  Perhaps increased mobility is most noticed .  For example when driving I find it much easier to turn my head to check oncoming traffic.  Currently I am mobile/mostly independent .  I am investing in Leslie’s program because I believe it will help maintain mobility/independence as long as possible.
Don S- Greenville, SC